8th Sep, 2023
The field of health economics focuses on analyzing the economic impact of healthcare interventions and innovations. In recent years, multitissue wound grafts have emerged as a groundbreaking solution for treating complex wounds. Having had a great deal of personal experiencing utilizing biological grafts in surgical practice, I've witnessed the impressive healing that takes place in this new era of multi-tissue grafts. These advanced grafts not…
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5th May, 2023
Here at Nevada Surgical, we perform procedures from metabolic surgeries to ncontinence treatments—the kinds of interventions that can described as life changing. That's one of the reasons we take patient feedback so personally. Here’s what recent patients share about their experience at Nevada Surgical. I'm Just So Grateful "I had the surgery done already, Dr. Sasse was super nice and it showed he felt empathy…
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27th Jan, 2023
If you or a loved one suffers with type 2 diabetes, and tens of millions of Americans do, then it would serve you well to learn a little bit more about metabolic surgery. The data has been accumulating for many decades to the point where today, all the major diabetes and endocrine societies around the world recommend metabolic surgery as a primary treatment for type…
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20th Jan, 2023
Bladder and bowel accidents are certainly no fun for anyone—and both are symptoms of incontinence—but when are they an indication of a more serious problem? How can a person know if their incontinence symptoms are serious? The primary answer is that they become serious when they affect you and your quality of life. The truth is, incontinence is not something that a person has to…
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9th Dec, 2022
We're fortunate to work with many wonderful patients here at Nevada Surgical. We perform procedures that can truly be described as life changing, from metabolic surgeries to truly effective incontinence treatments. It's why we take the feedback we receive so personally. Here's what recent patients share about their experience at Nevada Surgical. Dr. Sasse Gave Me a Tool to Help Better My Life "Nevada surgical…
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