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Nevada Surgical is now offering SculpSure!

No Surgery. No Downtime. Just Results.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

SculpSure provides unparalleled results for non-invasive body contouring for the abdomen, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs and under the chin. SculpSure patients achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance.

What Are the Benefits of SculpSure?

  • Quick Treatment, takes only about 25 minutes*
  • No scarring or bruising*
  • Great for Men and Women*
  • Long Lasting Results*

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SculpSure Patient Testimonials

I am so excited about having gone through with the SculpSure procedure on my stomach! Dr. Miller and his staff were so phenomenal. I will admit, I was super nervous. I read about it hurting, but I felt no pain whatsoever. My before and afters are astounding to me and I just cannot believe I finally got rid of that damn stubborn belly fat!

Female Patient, Testimonial from
Jason Miller, MD • Raleigh, NC

SculpSure Before and After

I had the SculpSure procedure done back in September as a surprise from my wife. Other than some minor heat at the beginning, the treatment was pretty comfortable and quick. Slightly tender in the area the day after the treatment, but not bad, only felt like I had worked out the day before. Didn’t really notice any difference for a week or two, but they said I would start noticing around six weeks. At the third or fourth week out, I had to tighten up my belt. Around the sixth week people started taking notice. I told the staff that they need to tell people to budget for new clothes as part of the treatment cost, because I had to throw out my larges and buy all mediums.

Male Patient, Testimonial from •Temecula, CA

SculpSure Before and After

Before SculpSure, I tried one other non-invasive treatment, but I didn’t see any results. My problem areas are my stomach and my flanks, which after having kids, have been really hard to change. When I came back to look at before and after photos, I was really happy with my results. I am very satisfied with SculpSure, and I’d definitely tell my friends to do it – some of my family already has!

Shayna F.
WIFH • Atlanta, GA

SculpSure Before and After

The results have been AWESOME! I’ve lost almost three inches off my waist, and the skin looks smoother, which I never thought possible after having a baby. My clothes absolutely fit better! I don’t have that muffin top thing going on anymore. I’m definitely more confident and it also motivates me to keep going and keep working out. If you feel good about yourself, it really can enhance the rest of your life. I’m really happy that I chose to come and have my consultation and go for it!

Melissa S.
Clevens Face and Body Specialists • Melbourne, FL

SculpSure Before and After

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