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One of the most vexing problems a person can face is anorectal pain, bleeding or discharge. The problem is often an embarrassing one and one that many doctors may not be able to easily diagnose and treat. It can also be pretty painful and frustrating. The good news is a specialist in colorectal surgery can almost always solve the problem with a fairly simple diagnosis and either an office based treatment or a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

The most common anorectal conditions people experience are hemorrhoids, fissures, abscesses and a problem known as an anal fistula. Each of these is different in the way it behaves and each has a different solution. A board certified colorectal surgeon, like Dr. Sasse, can help you solve it with a minimum of discomfort and anxiety.

The process begins with a simple office examination. Usually a trained colorectal surgeon can diagnosis the problem with a pretty simple look and suggest a path of treatment to resolve the condition. In some cases a minimally invasive outpatient surgical procedure will be recommended. In most cases that procedure will solve the problem and most patients are quite grateful to be rid of the trouble. Dr. Sasse always reminds all of his patients the importance of colorectal cancer screening and will make referrals for those screening tests if there is any bleeding or if a person is fifty years or older or if they have a family history of colorectal cancer.

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