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Hemorrhoids Treatment in Reno

Hemorrhoid Treatments & Surgery RenoHemorrhoids come in different varieties. Internal hemorrhoids typically produce painless bleeding. The bleeding can be quite voluminous and it sometimes can be so severe that a person needs a blood transfusion. These are often best treated with fiber, avoidance of straining and dietary change that reduces constipation. More severe cases are treated with office based or outpatient minimally invasive surgical hemorrhoid banding, imbrication or suture fixation techniques. Sometimes removal or hemorrhoidectomy is required.

External hemorrhoids tend to be more painful and produce symptoms of large lumps, bulges, itching irritation and pain. External hemorrhoids often will improve with dietary change, increased fiber, decreased constipation, softening of the stools and less straining. However, more severe symptoms are best treated with removal of the hemorrhoids through outpatient minimally invasive surgical hemorrhoidectomy.

Like most specialist colorectal surgeons, Dr. Sasse is interested in helping you find the best solution that is the least invasive and most in keeping with your lifestyle and daily activities, wants and desires. There are sometimes options to discuss and you make the decision how best to proceed.

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