5th Aug, 2022
At Nevada Surgical, we spend a lot time sharing information about incontinence. Contrary to conventional wisdom, losing bowel or bladder leakage isn't merely a symptom of growing older. And unlike medications or adult diapers, which are designed to treat symptoms of these conditions, sacral neuromodulation is a proven treatment that addresses the root issues. SNM is one of the best-kept secrets in modern medicine, but…
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29th Jul, 2022
In Dr. Sasse's latest contribution to Sixty & Me, he describes metabolic surgery as both the same and different from other medical interventions. After all, weight-loss surgery can help cure disease and prolong life, but those outcome are dependent on the person receiving treatment. We're sharing highlights from the post, "Metabolic Surgery for Obesity is No Quick Fix — It's a Tool." From the Post "If you…
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22nd Jul, 2022
From Sasse Surgical Associates comes Nevada Surgical Associates. Our practice is still known for being Nevada’s premier provider of minimally invasive surgical solutions effectively treating obesity, type 2 diabetes and other disease, and now we're proud to introduce an expanded team of compassionate providers offering successful advanced treatments to meet the needs of the growing northern Nevada community. Meet the Team Nevada Surgical Associates is comprised…
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15th Jul, 2022
You have probably seen ads online inviting you to travel to Mexico, where you can undergo sleeve gastrectomy for a fraction of the cost of here in the United States. It might seem tempting, but budget weight loss surgery in another country might not be your best option. Here's why. What to Consider There are some profoundly serious health and financial risks to consider. Before…
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8th Jul, 2022
With rates of obesity and type two diabetes continuing to increase, the short answer is no, diet and exercise are not enough. But it's important to understand why diet and exercise alone aren't enough to combat obesity. What about Willpower? There is a tendency to blame people with obesity for their lack of willpower to eat well or exercise. But the issue is about far…
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1st Jul, 2022
Bladder leakage, overactive bladder, and bowel incontinence are no fun. The symptoms are disruptive and embarrassing, but they are also progressive, meaning they get worse with time. What may start as a nuisance progresses to an expensive series of trips to different doctors, and even more expensive trips to Costco for pads and diapers. Here's what to understand about the progressive nature of incontinence. The…
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24th Jun, 2022
Alexander Ayzengart, MD, MPH, FACS, specializes in advanced laparoscopic, metabolic, and bariatric surgery. Before joining Nevada Surgical, Dr. Ayzengart provided his expertise in weight loss surgery, gastroesophageal disease, anti-reflux surgery, and abdominal and inguinal hernia surgery at the University of Florida Health Bariatric Surgery Center. As a new member of the Nevada Surgical team, he's bringing his expertise to the northern Nevada community. The prevalence of severe obesity has…
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17th Jun, 2022
As a regular contributor to Sixty & Me, Dr. Sasse shares commentary on the effects of both incontinence and obesity on seniors, plus the most effective and appropriate treatments. One relevant topic? A failing bladder sling. Read on for the highlights, or check out the post in full. From the Post "The bladder sling is a procedure recommended to many women. While there are a number…
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11th Jun, 2022
A recent headline on CNN excitedly notes that "overweight people lost 35 to 52 pounds on newly approved diabetes drug, study says." A weekly dose of a medication, recently approved by the FDA, used to treat type 2 diabetes may also help adults without the condition lose weight. Here's what the study revealed, plus a little perspective from Dr. Sasse on this newly approved diabetes…
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3rd Jun, 2022
Any exploring treatment options for incontinence will run through the usual suspects — medications, removable devices, injections, lifestyle changes. And if they're lucky, they'll learn about the best-kept secret in medical care. Sacral neuromodulation is considered a pelvic floor pacemaker. It's truly remarkable in terms of efficacy and still flies under the radar for many. In a recent post for Sixty & Me, Dr. Sasse discussed…
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