25th Mar, 2022
At 25, Amanda S. was ready for a change. Despite cycles of dieting and trying all of the fat diets, where she would lose a little bit of weight and gain it all back, she was considerably overweight. And it was affecting everything from her energy and confidence to her health. She was already pre-diabetic and showing signs of heart disease. And then a friend…
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18th Mar, 2022
Does everyone need to wait until they reach "My 600-Lb Life" status before considering bariatric surgery? Clearly not, but what sort of sign does someone need? How do I know if it's time to consider bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery has become a whole lot safer and simpler in the last two decades, so much so that it is among the safest routine procedures in the…
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11th Mar, 2022
Millions of people just put up with symptoms of bladder incontinence or overactive bladder. And that might be a reasonable plan at the beginning, but these conditions are progressive and tend to become much worse over time, making them less compatible with normal life. For so many people, the minor inconvenience soon becomes a major disruption and a big source of misery. Canceling social events,…
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