22nd Sep, 2023
Proper hydration is especially important in the early postoperative period following bariatric surgery to ensure a successful recovery and to set the stage for long-term success. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and duodenal switch are life-changing procedures that can help individuals struggling with obesity achieve significant weight loss, reverse diabetes, and improve their overall health. Each procedure alters the stomach or GI tract in ways that…
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15th Sep, 2023
Bariatric surgery is a safe, proven life-changing treatment that can provide significant health benefits to people struggling with obesity. But so much of the success of this transformative procedure hinges on the skill and expertise of the bariatric surgeon, which means it's really important to consider your options. Since choosing the right doctor is a critical first step toward achieving your weight loss and overall…
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8th Sep, 2023
The field of health economics focuses on analyzing the economic impact of healthcare interventions and innovations. In recent years, multitissue wound grafts have emerged as a groundbreaking solution for treating complex wounds. Having had a great deal of personal experiencing utilizing biological grafts in surgical practice, I've witnessed the impressive healing that takes place in this new era of multi-tissue grafts. These advanced grafts not…
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1st Sep, 2023
Some of you have asked about the medical device called Elitone, which was FDA approved for treating stress urinary incontinence and being promoted as an alternative to sacral neuromodulation. We think Elitone may offer a nice complement to existing therapies including pelvic floor exercises, medications and Bulkamid filler injection for stress incontinence. Here's what else to know about Elitone for incontinence. It's Designed for Stress…
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