30th Sep, 2022
Overactive bladder, leakage and incontinence can start at any age, but as progressive conditions, they will worsen with time. Well-meaning tips for "stopping leaks" can provide advice to potentially slow down that progression, but by the time most people are needing real help, the first-line therapies and even the very best tips simply aren't enough.  The good news is that treatments to resolve overactive bladder,…
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23rd Sep, 2022
Identifying the elements that create the "perfect sleeve" has been a topic of debate among surgeons and academic centers ever since the sleeve gastrectomy came on the scene. There are a number of important considerations, so let us walk through them and see if we can identify the current state of the art for this procedure. Elements of the Perfect Sleeve Gastrectomy Safety and minimal…
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2nd Sep, 2022
If you're considering weight-loss surgery, you've likely done some early research and run into a few options for the procedure. There are several kinds of bariatric or metabolic surgery, and while the end goal is the same, they have their own pros and cons. Today, in the interest of accurate information, we're covering the three most common types of weight-loss surgery. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG)…
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