27th Oct, 2022
For so many, incontinence is an issue that creeps up gradually. Over time, there is an increased need to urinate more often and leakage becomes commonplace. To manage, many people simply make accommodations to their lifestyle. They begin paying close attention to the location of the nearest bathroom, for example, or they start using pads or diapers, or they scale back their social lives to…
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21st Oct, 2022
Can a stomach surgery procedure really change the brain tissue? Indeed, it does. Here's how metabolic surgery change the brain. It Relates to Hormonal Changes Maintaining metabolism, body weight, hunger, long-term blood sugar, fat storage, and many other complex functions of the body involve interactions between systems in the gut, pancreas, liver, and even the brain. The science behind bariatric surgery has taught us how…
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14th Oct, 2022
It's certainly encouraging that published studies of sacral neuromodulation show a success rate of around 90%, particularly considering that reflects excellent results for individuals who have tried other forms of treatment first. But it's the stories from patients themselves that have the most impact. Statistics are wonderful, but they make it easy to overlook the people behind the numbers. Dr. Sasse's patient Sue recently had…
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7th Oct, 2022
Metabolic surgery is among the most highly effective treatments in medicine today, especially as a treatment for type two diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. But what about infertility? Does metabolic surgery improve fertility in men and women? Obesity and Infertility Fertility specialists are very clear that being obese or even overweight can negatively affect a couple's chances of becoming pregnant.…
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