26th Nov, 2022
One of the benefits of metabolic surgery and the associated weight loss is a reduced risk of obesity-related issues, such as heart disease. But will metabolic surgery help if you already have heart disease? A 2021 study says yes, it will. From the Study In an analysis of over 2,000 patients with heart disease, the authors followed matched controls comparing those who did undergo bariatric…
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18th Nov, 2022
As Bladder Health Month continues, we're taking a closer look at bladder health. While we do not agree that loss of bladder control is a normal part of aging, we do know that aging is a risk factor for waning bladder health. There are often signs that signal declining bladder health. Here's what to know. Signs of Declining Bladder Health Declining bladder health often begins to…
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11th Nov, 2022
Sometimes people become aware of a problem that seems like it is gradually getting worse with age. We all start to notice aches, pains, and limitations, and the same can be true for bladder health. Bladder symptoms are often related to some degree of loss of function of the pelvic floor, the muscles and nerves that help us with control and emptying of the bladder…
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4th Nov, 2022
Aging brings a lot of things: wisdom, distinguished good looks, experience, happiness for the good things in life like family and grandchildren. Oh, and a few aches and pains! But aging does not mean resigning yourself to waking up four times in the night to go to the bathroom or wearing pads and diapers. These are specific treatable conditions, and it's important to understand that incontinence…
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