27th May, 2022
Diaper sales are at an all-time high. And not the kind for babies. Unfortunately, those diapers that cannot fly off the shelf fast enough are for adults like us, but who are struggling with bladder and bowel leakage. Most people who buy diapers and pads for themselves, a parent, or a loved one do not realize that the problem can be treated a better way.…
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20th May, 2022
Like a lot of surgical procedures, bariatric surgery has evolved over the decades, and it continues to change and improve today. With over 75 years of history, the procedures have come a long way. So, what is the most popular bariatric surgery today? The Most Popular Bariatric Surgery The short answer is the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. But what is the sleeve procedure, and why has it…
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13th May, 2022
Bariatric surgery, or metabolic surgery as it might be more precisely described, has evolved since its origins over 75 years ago. The procedures have changed and that means the side effects and potential complications of bariatric surgery have changed as well. Potential Complications of Sleeve Gastrectomy Today the most frequently performed procedure is also the least invasive. It's the simplest and safest, and it has…
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6th May, 2022
For many people, managing incontinence amounts to dealing with the symptoms of that condition instead of resolving the root issues. That's where things like lifestyle changes and adult diapers come into play. But there are treatments that address the underlying causes of incontinence, and some, like sacral neuromodulation, are surprisingly effective. In his latest post for Sixty & Me, Dr. Sasse wrote about the idea…
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