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Everything You Know About Diabetes Is Wrong

I want you to succeed in curing your type 2 diabetes. Yes, you read that correctly. I said “curing” your diabetes, not just “treating” your diabetes, or “managing” your blood sugar number. And I am sorry, but most or all of what you have been told about treating diabetes is just plain wrong, and I want to help as many people as I can by giving them the real tools needed to succeed. It is plainly true Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic; it is a modern plague wreaking havoc on people we love. It leads to blindness, heart attacks, kidney failure and amputations, and it shaves precious years off the lives of wonderful human beings who deserve better. Have you been made to feel Type 2 diabetes is at least partly a character flaw and that losing weight and controlling the blood sugar is just a matter of complying with the right diet and medication program?  In reality there is nearly zero medical evidence to support those assertions. Worse, doctors and nurses, and well, all of us, have been conditioned to believe that type 2 diabetes is simply a matter of taking ever-increasing amounts of medication to try to control a number: the blood sugar or serum glucose. But that strategy does not stop the progression to blindness, kidney failure, amputation and early death. And it most certainly does not lead to a cure.

Doctors, and nurses, and providers of all kinds have been bombarded with marketing and advertising for decades from pharmaceutical companies which sell an unspeakably profitable array of medications to treat diabetes. And even though it has been known since the 1950s that a surgical procedure puts type 2 diabetes into long-term remission, and even though that surgery today is a 45-minute procedure requiring 4 Band-aids, and even though the procedure is now a top-tier recommended treatment by the American Diabetes Association, not one of those pharmaceutical companies ever mentions surgery in its tsunami of public service announcements, health “guides”, and all the messaging and literature on treating type 2 diabetes. And, sadly, far too few doctors do either.

For many people with type 2 diabetes, the disease is inextricably linked with body weight, and legions of doctors and providers continue to tell people to lose weight with vague “programs” of diet and exercise, or with specific programs of diet, exercise, medications, and counseling. The truth is the overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrates non-surgical weight-loss programs fail to deliver meaningful results, and the fact that you have not succeeded in perfectly controlling the blood sugar and losing the weight is most definitely not your fault.

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Have you dreamed of what life could be like if you could really, truly eliminate diabetes and all of the shots, pills and finger sticks which go with it? Not to mention live a longer life and spend more healthy time with grandkids and friends? For a great many people, that life is available today, although the window to seize the opportunity will not be open forever. For the majority of people with type 2 diabetes, the data is shockingly clear the disease can be halted in its tracks, put into complete remission – meaning normal blood sugar and no meds for years, maybe even the rest of your life – with a strategy involving diet, exercise, medication, and counseling, but most crucially, centered around the cornerstone treatment which catalyzes the remission and reduces risk for real: surgery.

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