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Medically Supervised Weight Loss in Reno

Dr. Sasse is the founder of the International Metabolic Institute or iMetabolic. iMetabolic’s medically supervised weight loss programs, provide the safest and most effective weight loss for each individual.

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss when compared to commercial weight loss programs?

“There are many differences, but a medically supervised weight loss program takes into account a holistic view of a person’s health, physiology and metabolism and crafts a program for long term weight loss success.” says founder and medical director, Dr. Kent Sasse.

How Long Does Supervised Weight Loss Take?

The end result and success rate depend on the patient’s goals. Different people have different weight loss goals, but many patients are able to meet their target weight in 3-6 months. After the ideal weight is reached, it is then a matter of body weight maintenance.

Why Should I Consider Supervised Weight Loss Over Surgery?

Achieving long-term weight loss can be more complex than many people realize. Many bariatric patients face obstacles that lead to setbacks along the way to achieving their long-term weight loss goals.

The experts at Nevada Surgical closely monitor their patients’ overall health, treat any hidden causes of weight gain or obesity, and help patients safely lose weight in the most optimal way. Our bariatric surgeons are trained to keep patients motivated and informed about their body’s health to ensure lifelong results.

If you think that supervised weight loss is the right solution for you, please schedule a consultation today with our bariatric experts in Reno to learn more.

Supervised Weight Loss Results

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