27th Jan, 2023
If you or a loved one suffers with type 2 diabetes, and tens of millions of Americans do, then it would serve you well to learn a little bit more about metabolic surgery. The data has been accumulating for many decades to the point where today, all the major diabetes and endocrine societies around the world recommend metabolic surgery as a primary treatment for type…
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20th Jan, 2023
Bladder and bowel accidents are certainly no fun for anyone—and both are symptoms of incontinence—but when are they an indication of a more serious problem? How can a person know if their incontinence symptoms are serious? The primary answer is that they become serious when they affect you and your quality of life. The truth is, incontinence is not something that a person has to…
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13th Jan, 2023
People who are actively researching bariatric surgery are often looking for answers to similar questions. One of them relates to whether or not bariatric surgery is an outpatient procedure. The short answer is that it's not quite outpatient — but it's close. Defining "Outpatient" We usually define “outpatient” procedures as those in which a person can come into the center or hospital, undergo a short…
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6th Jan, 2023
We all have some aversion to medications from our friends in the pharmaceutical industry. We are likewise adverse to invasive surgical procedures. So, most of us would like to find solutions for life's health and medical conditions with natural treatments whenever possible. Incontinence, the involuntary loss of urine or stool, presents a real challenge. It is a widespread condition that affects tens of millions of…
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