31st Dec, 2021
In mid December, the New York Times published an article called How Exercise Affects Metabolism and Weight Loss. It covered a new analysis of data from the television game show, "The Biggest Loser," which highlights all the ways the body compensates during and after major weight loss. But the takeaways from the piece missed the most important thing to understand about exercise, metabolism, and weight loss.…
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17th Dec, 2021
Dr. Sasse is a regular contributor to Sixty and Me, and in a recent post, he covered the misconception that obesity is a personal failing. Actually, obesity is a classic environmental disease. We're sharing an excerpt from the piece below. From the Post "... if one backs up and has a wider lens to look at the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, we realize that…
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10th Dec, 2021
People with type two diabetes have a lot on their plate. First, there is blood sugar management and dealing with finger sticks and medications. But more of a toll is grappling with the slow progression of the disease and its effects the kidneys, small vessels of the toes and feet, and the retinas. Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in the United States.…
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3rd Dec, 2021
While we could tell you how safe and effective metabolic surgery is, with data to back us up, there’s something to be said for hearing about the experience from the patient’s point of view. Meet Stacy Masters, a patient of Dr. Sasse’s. Today, she’s sharing the story of her journey to a healthier, happier way of life. Making a Change Like many of the people…
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