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Posted on: 17th Nov, 2023


At Nevada Surgical, we consider ourselves very fortunate to work with a number of patients as they take steps to improve their quality of life. Our team performs what can be described as truly life-changing procedures, from metabolic surgeries to the most effective incontinence treatments, and we take patient feedback very personally. Here’s what recent patients share about their experience with the team at Nevada Surgical.

He Does an Amazing Job

“First surgery yesterday. It was done at Quail surgery and pain management. Dr. Sasse was my surgeon and he does an amazing job. He is knowledgeable and caring and took the time to answer all of my millions of questions, to ease my anxiety. He did a gastric on my husband a few years ago and he did a great job on that for him as well. We come from a town with less than idea surgeons and a horrible hospital, so we made the trek to Reno. I felt much better about my surgery knowing I didn’t have to go to my local hospital for it and even better knowing it was going to be Dr. Sasee to do the surgery. Highly recommend.”

Highly Recommended!

“Dr. Ayzengart performed robotic surgery to repair my umbilical hernia. He is just terrific. He carefully explained things much to my satisfaction. One week after the surgery, zero pain, and I’m back on my bike. Highly recommended!”

They Know Their Business

“All the staff at Nevada Surgical along with Dr. Sasse were all very easy to talk to and ask questions. They know their business and know how to treat and take care of you.”

Five Stars

“Everyone here is very professional, especially Dr. Ayzengart and his bariatric team. They were there to answer all my questions since the beginning of my process till the end. I got my sleeve done by Dr. Ayzengart and let me tell you I give him 5 stars!”

Utmost Kindness and Professionalism

“Dr. Ayzengart and his team were fantastic through out every encounter from my initial visit to my postoperative visit. Everyone treated me with the utmost kindness and professionalism. I would highly recommend him and his team.”

Nothing But Positive

“Nevada surgical is amazing! I am 3 weeks PO and I had the gastric sleeve done. The experience I have had with Dr. Sasse and his associates has been nothing but positive. They have this procedure down to a science and they walked me though it every step of the way. Any questions or concerns I had before and after the operation was handled professionally and in a timely manner. Dr. Sasse himself has been the best experience I have had with a surgeon. He’s very attentive and has some of the best bedside manner of any surgeon I have met.

Dr. Sasse gave me a tool to help better my life and I intend to use it to its fullest extent. Remember when you are considering this operation. Dr. Sasse is giving you a tool and it’s up to YOU to use it and follow the steps and guidelines in order to be successful.”

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