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Posted on: 5th May, 2023


Here at Nevada Surgical, we perform procedures from metabolic surgeries to ncontinence treatments—the kinds of interventions that can described as life changing. That’s one of the reasons we take patient feedback so personally. Here’s what recent patients share about their experience at Nevada Surgical.

I’m Just So Grateful

“I had the surgery done already, Dr. Sasse was super nice and it showed he felt empathy for me when he saw me in pain. The two nurses I had in the hospital for recovery, amazing nurses. One of them went out of her way to help me with pain medication since I could not even swallow. The other would even clean my table and always encourage me to eat. They always showed up to help me. At one point I was venting to my night nurse. You can tell she was a good nurse. She understood me so well. People in the front desk were amazing and every time I call the office for a question they always help me understand my routine. They even helped my husband once and I’m just so grateful. I’m crying right now just typing this. They were extremely good people. All of them all the group that took care of me, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Extremely Professional

“I had an elective surgery with Dr. Ayzengart. He was extremely professional and caring and did an excellent job with the surgery. He was clearly very experienced and talented. I couldn’t be happier with how the process went, and the scheduling staff at Nevada Surgical were very friendly and helpful.”

I Can’t Say Enough Great Things About the Staff at Nevada Surgical

“I can’t say enough great things about the staff at Nevada Surgical. From my initial phone call I feel they could hear the angst in my voice over the severity of the situation and got me in to be seen. I think that nearly every person that has sought medical help has left frustrated with the coldness and lack of empathy clinicians bring to appointments. Dr. Ayzengart was simply amazing with bedside manner, how he sat and talked with both of us, and he provided a level of calmness and concern rarely seen at the doctor level. Not once did he ever suggest our time was done due to time or not wanting to be in the room with us. From initial consult to final follow up appointment, Dr Ayzengart imploded the traditional Doctor/Patient relationship and became a friend I could easily talk to. If the need arises I would not hesitate to reach out of Dr Ayzengart and Nevada Surgical in a heartbeat.”

Amazing Surgical Skills and Expertise

“Great work by Dr. Sasse of Nevada Surgical. Thank you so much for your amazing surgical skills and expertise. He never gave me the runaround, just straightforward. Thank you Dr. Sasse!”

My Surgery was a Five-Star Surgery Success

“I had surgery and I was totally impressed with Dr. Sasse, his whole staff. My surgery was a 5-star surgery success. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Sasse and Staff Are Amazing

“I had my surgery in March. I have lost 47 pounds and feel amazing. I’m so glad I had this surgery. Dr. Sasse and staff and amazing. I love them all. Thank you so much for giving me my life back.”

I have been a patient for several years. You are always treated with professionalism and compassion. Dr. Ayzengart is a wonderful doctor.

Thank You!

At Nevada Surgical, we’re committed to making each patient feel valued and we appreciate the time and consideration it takes to share feedback. We’re here, and we’re listening! If you’re reading reviews of Nevada Surgical as you consider your options for weight-loss surgery or incontinence solutions, we’re welcome your questions. Please contact our team today and let’s discuss your options.

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