1st Jul, 2022
Bladder leakage, overactive bladder, and bowel incontinence are no fun. The symptoms are disruptive and embarrassing, but they are also progressive, meaning they get worse with time. What may start as a nuisance progresses to an expensive series of trips to different doctors, and even more expensive trips to Costco for pads and diapers. Here's what to understand about the progressive nature of incontinence. The…
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3rd Jun, 2022
Any exploring treatment options for incontinence will run through the usual suspects — medications, removable devices, injections, lifestyle changes. And if they're lucky, they'll learn about the best-kept secret in medical care. Sacral neuromodulation is considered a pelvic floor pacemaker. It's truly remarkable in terms of efficacy and still flies under the radar for many. In a recent post for Sixty & Me, Dr. Sasse discussed…
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22nd Apr, 2022
Overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence are more common among Parkinson's disease patients than the general population, which begs the question, is sacral neuromodulation effective in people with Parkinson's disease? The short answer, we believe, is a resounding yes. At the Continence Center here in Reno, we have had excellent success resolving bladder and bowel leakage symptoms for patients with Parkinson's disease. Some recent published…
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1st Apr, 2022
Dr. Sasse is fortunate to share his perspective on metabolic surgery and incontinence treatments on Sixty and Me, a wonderful website addressing people in their golden years. Recently, he wrote a post about one of the most common statements he hears from patients seeking a resolution to their bladder or bowel incontinence. We hope you'll read the piece in full on Sixty and Me, but…
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7th Jan, 2022
Bladder leakage is an astonishingly common problem. It stems from dysfunction of the complex pelvic floor muscles and can diminish control of both the bladder and the bowels over time. It is a more severe problem than many people realize, interfering with sleep, hygiene, and the ability to simply go participate and enjoy life. But can bladder leakage be fixed? Traditional Treatment Options Today the…
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1st Oct, 2021
The research is very clear that sacral neuromodulation is the best effective way to resolve bladder and bowel leakage. But stories from patients whose lives have truly been changed from this technology are far better than statistics. Take Dr. Sasse’s patient Denise, who began experiencing bladder control issues for the first time in her late forties. It’s a condition that progressively worsened, one she managed…
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3rd Sep, 2021
Incontinence is an issue affecting millions of men and women in the U.S. alone, and there are a number of solutions out there that  address the embarrassing symptoms of bladder and bowel leakage, instead of the issues themselves. You'll also see much in the way of "natural" ways to address incontinence. Unfortunately, at some point, just about everybody finds that a too-little-too-late approach. Here's the…
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