Patient Review of Sacral Neuromodulation for Incontinence

Posted on: 1st Oct, 2021


The research is very clear that sacral neuromodulation is the best effective way to resolve bladder and bowel leakage. But stories from patients whose lives have truly been changed from this technology are far better than statistics. Take Dr. Sasse’s patient Denise, who began experiencing bladder control issues for the first time in her late forties. It’s a condition that progressively worsened, one she managed by herself for close to twenty years before learning there was a better way.

Managing the Symptoms of Incontinence   

In the beginning, these symptoms of incontinence were relatively minor and stemmed from a sudden cough or sneeze. But the condition progressed over the years, to the point that Denise was wearing a pad full time and racing to the bathroom regularly. “There was no waiting,” she shares. “I always knew where the closest restroom was, and sadly, it didn’t always end well!”

At that point, Denise went looking for professional guidance. “My primary care doctor referred me to a urologist who was very annoyed to see me and prescribed a medication,” Denise recalls. Aside from the fact that the doctor’s behavior was unprofessional, his method of treatment was completely ineffective. In fact, “the side effects were worse than the symptoms,” says Denise. Imagine her excitement, then, when she saw an advertisement for a true incontinence solution on a Facebook ad for Dr. Sasse’s Reno practice. “I was able to get an appointment within a couple weeks,” says Denise. “I was very impressed with Dr. Sasse. He is very professional in his demeanor and appearance. I felt very comfortable with him after our visit.”

An Effective Solution

Denise decided to move forward with SNM, and the difference was night and day—even if it took her a little time to trust that it was really working. “It took me a few months to reach the stage where I was comfortable without a pad. I should have been. It’s just a matter of mind over bladder. My mind needed a little remediation,” she shares. “It’s been great ever since. I would highly recommend Dr. Sasse and SNM to anyone with incontinence issues.” In fact, Denise has already done just that, sending several people to the office to find the same success she’s enjoyed.

If you’re managing symptoms of incontinence by yourself, it’s important to understand that this is a progressive condition, which means it’s only going to get worse. Learn more about how SNM can truly make a difference in your life. Contact the team at Nevada Surgical today.

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