18th Aug, 2014
Low BMI and the Path to Better Health Defining “overweight” and “obesity” can be, and is, fiercely debated, but the powers-that-be tend to rely on body mass index or BMI to describe normal and excessive weight patterns. A BMI of 18 to 25 is normal weight, meaning normal risks for diabetes and other obesity-related health problems. When talking about treatments for over weight and obesity,…
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11th Aug, 2014
Doctor’s Orders - 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight, a lot of small but effective tips are outlined that directly apply to people working in just these sorts of jobs. Healthier snacks, drinking more water, and minimizing the big-calorie dinner that happens right before bed are but a few of those tips. I have helped quite a few people working in the mining and…
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4th Aug, 2014
gastric sleeve procedure is today performed with pretty tiny incisions already, and the scars and healing time are minimal compared to the old days of conventional open surgery. The weight loss and the health improvements achieved are astonishing. Nonetheless, nearly all of us would prefer to have no incisions at all if the option were available. Today, the option of no incisions at all, truly…
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28th Jul, 2014
gastric surgery, but researchers are working on theories involving nutrient-specific dietary change, medications, and exercise that may help us alter the set point weight for good and put a stop to our body’s faulty “weight thermostat”.]]>
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14th Jul, 2014
Anyone investigating bariatric surgery will hear about the gastric sleeve. It’s a bariatric procedure that involves removing 75 to 80% of the stomach. Here’s what makes the gastric sleeve so effective. (more…)
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16th Dec, 2013

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