Metabolic Surgery is No Quick Fix | A Post on Sixty & Me

Posted on: 29th Jul, 2022


In Dr. Sasse’s latest contribution to Sixty & Me, he describes metabolic surgery as both the same and different from other medical interventions. After all, weight-loss surgery can help cure disease and prolong life, but those outcome are dependent on the person receiving treatment. We’re sharing highlights from the post, “Metabolic Surgery for Obesity is No Quick Fix — It’s a Tool.

From the Post

“If you think about it for a minute, you realize this is true for most of other medical treatments or surgical interventions. Imagine the person taking a blood pressure medicine or a diabetes medicine who makes no effort to control their calorie and carbohydrate intake or who refuses to quit smoking.

The same thing is true with metabolic surgery. Nowadays, we have enormous databases from large health systems and even entire countries that show unmistakably the powerful, beneficial effects of metabolic surgery.

Some of the variation has to do with our individual genetics and biology. Metabolic surgery acts by changing the hormonal levels of key hormones that emanate from the gastrointestinal tissues. By altering those tissues, the hormone levels change to more favorable levels substantially and for the long term.

Those hormone changes reset the metabolic rate, the levels of fat storage, long-term blood sugar levels, and the body weight setpoint, all for the better. But the individual plays a role also.

In this way, metabolic surgery is a tool and not a quick fix. Body weight and blood sugar regulation are some of the body parameters that are most influenced by the choices we make, what we do, and what we eat.

So, it makes sense that a person who shifts their dietary choices away from high calorie, high carbohydrate foods to things like healthy vegetables and lower carbohydrate items will indeed have lower blood sugar and somewhat lower body weight.”

Read the post in full at Sixty and Me. If you have questions about metabolic surgery, the Nevada Surgical team is here to help. Contact us today.

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